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What to choose from the KFC menu if you want to lose weight

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If you’re thinking about starting a weight loss programme but you’re worried you’ll have to give up restaurant meals, including fast food, think again.

The great thing about WW is that nothing’s off the menu, and yes that includes fried chicken! Our flexible programme is designed for real life, which means you can eat out at your favourite restaurants and fast food outlets and still lose weight.

Scroll down to find out what SmartPoints are, then keep scrolling for a breakdown of the SmartPoints (SP) values in popular KFC meals, plus sample meal combos and how they work with your SmartPoints Budget.

KFC chicken

If you love popcorn chicken, we’ve got some good news: a small portion is just 4SP. A regular portion of popcorn chicken is 7SP and a large portion is 12SP.

Feeling hungry? A mighty bucket for one is 30SP, so your Weeklies (or any rollovers you’ve accumulated throughout the week) may come in handy.

KFC burgers

The Zinger burger and the mini fillet burger are popular with WW members, and for good reason! The Zinger burger is 12SP and the mini fillet burger is 8SP, which means they sit snugly within your daily SmartPoints Budget.

If you’ve got a few more SmartPoints to spend, the fillet burger is 13SP, the Zinger tower burger is 17SP and the fillet tower burger is 18SP.

KFC wraps

If you fancy a sandwich but you’re a little lower on SmartPoints, the wraps are kinder on your Budget. A BBQ wrap is 8SP, a flamin’ wrap is 9SP and a Zinger Twister is 12SP.

kfc menu weight watchers

Rice boxes & salad

If you’d rather have rice instead, try one of the riceboxes. All variations come with steamed Tex Mex rice, fresh lettuce, sweetcorn, chopped tomatoes and bean salsa, drizzled with a light garlic dressing.

The original ricebox (with a piece of Original Recipe chicken fillet) and the Zinger ricebox (with a piece of Zinger chicken) are 14SP each, and the veggie ricebox (served without the chicken) is 12SP. You’ll have the option to order these with a sugar free drink for no extra SmartPoints.

kfc menu weight watchers

In the mood for a salad? The Zinger salad (Zinger chicken fillet on a bed on lettuce, tomato, sweetcorn and garlic dressing) is 10SP and the veggie salad (served without the chicken) is 8SP. Again, you’ll have the option to order these with a sugar free drink for no extra SmartPoints.

Box meals*

Looking for lunch on the go? The snack box mini breast fillet (one mini fillet with fries) is 13SP and fits snugly into your daily Budget.

The boneless banquet (three mini fillets, popcorn chicken, regular fries, a regular side, a dip and a sugar free drink) is 25SP.

Spice things up with the Zinger box meal (a burger plus two hot wings, regular fries, a regular side and a sugar free drink) for 27SP.

The Original Kentucky Mayo Twister box meal (a toasted wrap plus a boneless fillet strip, regular fries, a regular side and a sugar free drink) is also 27SP.

All hail rollovers and Weeklies!

kfc menu weight watchers

*Most box meals come with a regular side and a drink. The SmartPoints values shown above are correct where an individual selects corn cobettes (which have a SmartPoints value of 0) as the regular side, and a sugar free drink (also with a SmartPoints value of 0). If you choose a different side or drink with a SmartPoints value greater than 0, for example a portion of beans or a Pepsi, the overall SmartPoints value of the box meal will increase. 

For sharing**

Getting together with friends, or treating the family to a takeaway? A 6 piece bargain bucket (which comes with four regular fries) is 17SP per person.

If you fancy a boneless feast instead, the 8 piece dipping boneless feast (8 mini fillets plus popcorn chicken, four regular fries, two large sides, a large bottle of drink and four dips including BBQ sauce, hot sauce, sweet chilli sauce and garlic mayo) is 22SP per person.

The 12 piece dipping boneless feast (12 mini fillets plus everything else included in the 8 piece boneless feast) is 25SP per person.

**SmartPoints values are per person when shared between four people. Where fewer than four people share, the overall SmartPoints value will be greater. SmartPoints values are correct when a sugar free drink is selected (which has a SmartPoints value of 0). If you choose a drink with a SmartPoints value greater than 0, the overall SmartPoints value will increase.

Sides & snacks

Fries: A regular portion of fries is 8SP and a large portion is 11SP.

Corn on the cob: Corn cobettes are 0 SmartPoints.

Sauces: A regular portion of gravy is 1SP and a regular portion of coleslaw is 6SP.

Other: A garden salad is 3SP, a regular portion of beans (baked beans with a hint of BBQ sauce) is 3SP, mashed potato is 4SP and southern rice (mildly spicy rice with veggies) is 7SP.

Chicken snacks: Need some spice in your life? 2 hot wings are 5SP. Or if you’d rather fill up on Original Recipe chicken, 1 piece is 6SP, 2 pieces are 12SP and 3 pieces are 18SP.


Soft serve ice cream, anyone? Stay in single digit territory with the strawberry sundae or the mini chocolate sundae for 8SP each, or the toffee sundae is 9SP. If you’ve got a few extra SmartPoints to spare, the chocolate sundae is topped with chocolate sauce and chocolate drops, and it’s yours for 12SP!


A regular Pepsi is 8SP, so it may be worth opting for the sugar free Pepsi Max for 0SP instead. Need a pick-me-up? A regular black Americano is 0SP.

Sample meal combos***


Meal idea: Zinger burger 12SP + regular fries 8SP + gravy 1SP = 21SP

Top tip: With 2SP left to spend for the rest of the day, try building your other meals around ZeroPoint™ foods (foods you don’t have to track). If you have KFC for lunch, this might mean scrambled eggs for breakfast and a veggie shepherd’s pie for dinner, followed by a fruit salad.


Meal idea: BBQ wrap 8SP + two corn cobettes 0SP + strawberry sundae 8SP = 16SP

Top tip: Enjoy knowing you’ve still got plenty of SmartPoints to play with for the rest of the day! Use your remaining 7SP on one of our recipes, or use 3SP and let the remaining 4SP roll over into your Weeklies (an additional allowance on top of your daily SmartPoints Budget to use however you like, perhaps for something special at the weekend).


Meal idea: Zinger salad 10SP + coleslaw 6SP + half a large fries (shared with a friend) 6SP + mini chocolate sundae 8SP = 30SP

Top tip: You’ll dip into your Weeklies, but that’s what they’re there for! Share a large fries with a friend to get all the taste with fewer SmartPoints, and try planning the rest of your day around ZeroPoint foods.

***Based on an individual with a SmartPoints Budget of 23.


Disclaimer: SmartPoints values correct at time of publishing (September 2019). Unless otherwise stated, the SmartPoints values listed are for the item as served in the restaurant, so if you ordered the regular popcorn chicken, the SmartPoints value of 7 includes all pieces of chicken that come as part of the dish. All SmartPoints values are based on the nutritional information provided on KFC’s website. You might notice discrepancies between the SmartPoints values you calculate using the nutritional details provided by the restaurant and the SmartPoints values listed for meals in these guides. That’s because the SmartPoints values have taken into account any ZeroPoint™ ingredients in the meal and been adjusted accordingly, whereas the restaurant information includes nutritional values for all ingredients. For tracking purposes, use the SmartPoints values listed in these guides.

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