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Maintaining your weight loss

You’ve reached a weight you’re happy with. These steps will help you stay there.

NOTE: If you have lost weight and are now in maintenance, these tips will help you maintain your new weight. If you are a member who did not lose weight prior to starting maintenance mode, you’ll want to follow the SmartPoints® Budget personalised for you when you joined.

Maintaining your weight loss

Now that you are no longer concentrating on losing weight, your focus shifts to maintaining your weight, which is a mindset that can take some getting used to.

Managing your new SmartPoints Budget

  • When you hit your chosen weight, your Daily SmartPoints Budget is increased by 5.

  • If you’re using the WW Digital, your Budget will automatically update when you change your settings from “Lose weight” to “Maintain weight.”

Adjusting your Budget

In maintenance, it may take you a little while to stabilise your weight. You may find that 5 SmartPoints is too many or maybe not enough. It’s all about finding the sweet spot that lets you feel in control, while also loosening the reins a bit.

  • If you continue losing weight, adjust your Budget up by 3 if you’ve lost 1 lb

  • Adjust your Budget down 3 if you’ve gained 1 lb.

  • Do nothing if your weight remains stable.

This feature is available in Settings when you are in maintenance mode.

Handling setbacks

Reaching your desired weight doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll never go up again. Setbacks happen. It’s what you do about them that’s the most important.

  • Choose an intervention weight (the number that kickstarts you into losing mode again) and write it down. Not sure how to pick this number? For most people, it’s usually around 3 to 5lb up from your desired weight.

  • Go back to weight losing mode. More specifically, start working with your previous SmartPoints Budget by changing your settings from “Healthy habits” to “Weight loss and healthy habits.”

  • Make an action plan. Write down up to three things you’ll do differently with your food choices and activity, as well as any other steps you’ll take to reverse your gain.

If you run into trouble, remember your Workshop Coach will be guide you through the maintenance period or chat with a Coach 24/7 (desktop only) on WW digital.

*Wing RR and Phelan S. Long-term weight loss maintenance. Am J Clin Nutr. 2005;82(1 Suppl):222S-225S.

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