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Types of WW Membership

How to join WW and what happens at a WW Workshop

WW Workshops are a place to come together and get inspired to become the best version of yourself. You’ll be greeted by like-minded people, and although everyone has their own reason to join, you will soon find you are not alone.

Meet your Coach

Run by a WW Coach who is trained in the myWW™ programme.

WW Workshops are a friendly, supportive environment, where everyone is working towards the common goal of adopting healthy habits for real life.

There’s no need to book, simply search for a WW Workshop near you or call 01 870 3900 to find your nearest WW Workshop and turn up.

You’ll be welcomed and shown where to register, then introduced to your WW Coach for a Check-in.

Together you’ll chat about why you’ve joined and what you’re hoping to achieve, and set your initial personal goal.

You’ll also be given a myWW™ booklet with food inspiration and programme information to help you get you off to the best possible start.

Choose your membership type

WW is for everybody who wants to get healthy for good. WW is not just about weight loss, it’s an exciting way of purposeful living built around the power of healthy habits.

To support this WW have added a new membership type, opening our doors to people who wish to adopt healthier habits without focusing on weight-loss. This is not a move away from weight management but an extension of how we support our members.

At registration you will choose which membership to start with, wellness and weight loss, or wellness only to focus on building healthy habits without focusing on weight loss. 

Whichever choice you make, the Wellness check-in supports everybody on their wellness journey.  

You choose your current goal and yes, it can be anything:  getting more sleep, becoming more active, eating healthier, developing a more positive mindset, weight loss, maintaining your weight:  literally what you wish to focus on to bring you a healthier, happier lifestyle at your own pace.

On week one at the Wellness check-in everyone will be weighed to establish their daily and weekly SmartPoints™, based on gender, height, current weight and age. From week two, wellness and weight loss focused members will have a weekly weigh-in. For wellness members without a weight loss focus, the check-in will be centred on the members specific healthy habit goals without a weigh-in. Wellness members without a weight loss focus are welcome to request a weigh-in periodically.

Meet other members

After the Wellness Check-in, you’ll take a seat ready for the WW Workshop. Fun and informative, the discussion gives members the chance to share ideas, celebrate success and help each other find solutions for any challenges.

You can contribute as much or as little as you like; there’s no pressure to speak up if you don’t want to.

All WW Coaches originally joined WW as members and using their expertise and successful experience of the WW programme, they’ll guide the discussion based around topics that are important to you, to help you achieve your goals.

Stay in touch

At the end of your first WW Workshop, you’ll be given an opportunity to ask questions, get to know your WW Coach’s story and meet other new members. By the time you leave, you’ll have everything you need to get started straight away.

Before your next meeting you’ll get a check-in message to see how you’re getting on, and you’ll also be able to access 24/7 support via our Online WW Coaches on WW Digital, effectively the programme at your fingertips.

WW Digital makes tracking on the go, simple, with a Wellness hub where you will learn to eat better, support to shift your mindset, and tips to move more, with science backed advice and articles to help you build healthy habits for real life. From weight loss tips to video recipes, and from wellness tools to fitness challenges, we’re here to support you on your journey to improved health and wellbeing and so much more.

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