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When you have young kids it’s easy to lose some of your identity, but since joining WW I feel like me again, which has boosted my confidence and self-worth. Plus, I’ve got so much more energy and that makes it easier to keep up with my little ones. So, my WW journey is both for me and my family.
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Lost: 2st 7lbs*

My Story

Q & A with Victoria

You’re on Blue – why is it your perfect fit?

For me, it’s an ideal mix of freedom and accountability. I use Blue’s long and comprehensive list of ZeroPoint™ foods to either bulk up recipes when I’m feeling particularly hungry, or to create an entire meal from when I want or need to. That means I’m free to use my SmartPoints to enjoy a meal out, or have a glass of wine or some chocolate. It’s that flexibility and knowledge that there’s never anything you ‘can’t’ have that’s been the key for me.

How important is your weekly Workshop?

It’s crucial. The community I get to be a part of at my Workshop each week is another big part of what keeps me going on this journey. I’m able to get and give support, which is really important. Plus, I find the routine of physically going to the Workshop helps keep me accountable and that’s a big thing, too. And my Workshops are also my weekly ‘me’ time, where I have the space and time to focus purely on myself and my goals. I block out time for them in my diary and treat it like any other non-negotiable weekly appointment. Attending a Workshop always reinvigorates me for the week ahead.”

*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week.

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