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Sinéad Roche

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Lost: 2st ½ lb*

My Story

“We went on our first foreign family holiday in July 2017, and when I saw the photos afterwards, I got a real shock; I wasn’t one bit happy with how I looked. I had wanted to lose weight for a while, but with four kids age 13, 11, seven and five years old, once I put the effort into cooking for all of them, by the time I got to myself I just wasn’t bothered, so I’d end up having coffee and chocolate.

My husband, Alan wanted to do something about his weight too. We obviously needed help, so we started to look around for something we could do together. WW seemed like the best fit, I wanted something that was easy to get my head around and that fitted in with family life.

The best thing is that doing this hasn’t taken anything from our lives; we can still enjoy dinners out with the kids and special occasions. As well as that, it’s helped to give the kids a whole new outlook on food and staying healthy; they know that this is not a ‘diet’, and that it’s actually a way of eating better. We used to get takeaway three or four times a week, so it’s a bit of money saved too.

I’ve dropped two dress sizes, so shopping for clothes is phenomenal! I get such lovely compliments from people, and I know they are being genuine. The kids were always running in from school each Wednesday to hear how we got on at the workshop that week, and when they finally heard that I reached goal, they nearly broke the door down to hug me – they are so proud!

Attending the weekly Wellness Workshops was such a great support to me. Allison was there for all the highs and lows. As I approached my goal weight, I spent around four weeks at the same weight and it was driving me insane! Allison helped me to remember to just stick with it and be happy with where I was and the last couple of pounds would finally come off.

I love going to the workshop each week, it’s like being part of a little family and every person there has your back. I get lots of great tips there and there are so many new recipes to try, so I put more effort into what me and Alan eat now. I love to cook, so WW Digital has become my best friend; it’s led me to try new things and has made food and activity tracking so easy and straightforward.

I feel so much more confident in myself, and I’m willing to give anything a go. As well as that, I have so much more energy. I go out for a walk nearly every day, sometimes with Alan, but mostly it’s just me and my iPod and I cover at least five kilometres each time. I love the headspace that exercise gives me, and I feel so much better. I realise now that it’s not just about losing weight; it’s about feeling good with who you are and being happy.”

Sinéad’s wellness tips:-

  • Pick a workshop that suits your schedule so there’s no rushing or stress and you can give it the time that it deserves.
  • Be happy with the small steps, take your time and just chip away at it remembering that it’s a marathon and not a sprint!
*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week.

A healthier, happier you starts here

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