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When I turned 40, I felt old and tired – and determined to do something about it. Plus, I’d recently had back surgery after years of pain and was experiencing debilitating migraines. I wanted to get healthy and now, I can count on one hand the migraines I’ve had since I started my WW journey!
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Lost: 5st 7lbs*

My Story

Q & A with Selena

WW is different from other food plans, because nothing’s off limits. You can eat everything you love and lose weight at the same time. But the reason it works is because it’s about more than just the food. The support you get at WW is incredible and is what’s helped me be successful. The encouragement, understanding and motivation I receive from my Coach at my weekly Workshops, as well as all the friends I’ve made there, are the key ingredients that have made such a big difference, compared to all the other times I’ve tried to lose weight in the past.

You’re on Green – why is it your perfect fit?

I love Green. The compact list of ZeroPoint™ foods works really well for me and where I’m at with my weight loss, because it provides me with a little bit more accountability, which I’ve discovered I need and enjoy. Tracking the majority of what I eat helps me keep an eye on my portion sizes and allows me to really know what’s going on in my body. I guess I feel like Green gives me full transparency, which suits me. But I certainly make the most of my ZeroPoint foods, which are vegetables and fruit, by incorporating them into every meal of the day, and using them as my go-to snacks.

Do you cook differently now?

Cooking has always been one of the ways I relax, and nothing about that had to change since joining WW. I still enjoy finding new recipes and trying them out, and WW has so many delicious ones to choose from. But the thing I get the biggest kick out of is being creative and WW-ifying other recipes, including those favourites I’ve been cooking and enjoying for years. It’s really simple to do, once you know how.

How has your life changed since joining WW?

When I was larger, I felt like I lived a lot smaller. I didn’t want to speak up in meetings at work, and I didn’t want to go hiking on holidays. I wasn’t up for trying new things. Since losing 5st 7lbs over 22 months with WW, I feel like I live a bigger life – I eat big portions of food, I do big exercises at the gym and I go on big holidays. I don’t feel like I’m hiding anymore. I’m confident and more accepting of who I am.

*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week.

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