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Sarah Toomey

The whole family is eating healthier, and we’re always trying new recipes.
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Lost: 3st*

My Story

Sarah says:

“It’s hard to put into words how much healthier and fitter I feel now; my confidence has really improved and I’m really enjoying shopping for new clothes. My husband works long hours and we have three girls, aged ten, seven and five years old, so it has always been difficult to find time to do something like this for myself. I had tried on my own to lose weight on and off in between having the kids, but nothing ever really worked.

Then in December 2016 I saw a photo of myself, and I made a vow that in a year’s time I wasn’t going to look or feel that way anymore. My neighbour, Tara, had been to WW with great results, so I decided that was it.
The key for me is planning, I’m always thinking ahead. I do up meals plans now, and I bring a list with me when I go shopping so I get everything I need. I’ve also rowed back on portion sizes and I’m more mindful when I’m eating, if I want a treat, I just make it part of the plan.

My husband had been eating a lot of the canteen food in work, which wasn’t great for him, so he’s started bringing in a healthy lunch with him and it’s made a huge difference. The whole family is eating healthier, and we’re always trying new recipes, or else adapting old recipes so that they are more wholesome. I like to track with a pen and paper, but I find WW digital handy if we’re eating out in a restaurant.

I always went to the gym, but now I’m putting a lot more energy into my workouts. As I lost weight, I got fitter and so exercise became easier. I love going to the gym now; I try to get there four or five times a week and I sometimes do the local park runs.

I still go to the Wellness Workshop each week, it’s become a social thing now, I have a huge group of friends there and a gang of us all head out for breakfast after the workshop. Our coach, Patricia, is great, she is very supportive; there was never a moment where I felt that I couldn’t do it. I’m so glad I made the decision to join, it gives a structure to my day and has become a part of my lifestyle. Life is busy, but it’s nice to take the time to do something for myself; I feel like me again.”

Sarah’s Wellness Tip

Just do it, take the leap! Follow the plan, it works! If you have a bad day, just get back on track as soon as you can. Make sure to go to your workshop, even if you’ve gone off the rails, everyone is there for the same reason, nobody there will judge you and they are all so supportive.

*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week.

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