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Mary O’Donovan

I feel better in myself and can move around easier. Yes, I’ll have to work at it for the rest of my life, but I enjoy doing it and I feel so much healthier.
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Lost: 5st 13lbs*

My Story

Mary says:

“I had been heavy all my life and was bullied throughout my school years for it. I had managed to lose weight before, around 15 years ago when I was a bridesmaid at my brother’s wedding, but it gradually went on again. This time around, something just clicked, I started to really enjoy eating wholesome, healthy foods, and the weight just started to come off.

I love fashion and I like to look my best, so going shopping for clothes is great, although it’s taken a while to get used to buying smaller sizes. Customers coming into the shop where I work have said some lovely things to me; they all want to know how I did it! I still eat lots of food – people are often remarking; ‘Oh, you’re eating again’, but I’m only ever eating what’s part of the plan.

If I want a snack during the day, I have fruit, and in the evening, I have more fruit with some yogurt. Sometimes I might have a few Points left over and I can use that for a bit of chocolate. I like the fact that there is nothing I can’t have, I can eat anything I like, as long as I Point it in.

My daughter, Ann-Marie (click here for Ann-Marie’s story) is an inspiration all on her own, and it’s been great doing it with her, we bounce off one another and keep ourselves on the wagon. She does most of the cooking and experiments with new recipes so that’s handy. It’s got to the point now where we eat at home most of the time. We like to go to Lanzarote on holidays, but even when we’re away, I find it’s easier to eat at home, I know then exactly what I’m having.

Of course, there will always be times when I’m out and about, or meeting with friends, and so I’m always thinking about what I’m eating. It’s not that I feel guilty about having a big meal, it’s just that I’m more mindful of what’s on the plate, so I know if I need to claw back on something later on in the week.

I never miss a class if I can help it, the only time I’m not there is when I’m out of the country. I look forward to going each week, and I get fantastic support from everyone there. I’ve done so much hard work to get here, there’s no way I’m going back to where I was. I feel better in myself and I can move around easier. Yes, this is something I’ll have to work at for the rest of my life, but I enjoy doing it and I feel so much healthier for it.”

Mary’s Wellness Tip

  • Go to the workshop and stay – so many people go for a few weeks and then they disappear, then they come back again to start all over. Don’t give up, don’t give in, just stick with it, even if you’ve had a bad week, keep at it!
*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week.

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