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Laura Bates

After losing almost three stone in less than a year, bride-to-be Laura recently said ‘yes to the dress’ ahead of her nuptials in June.



Lost: 2st 11.5lbs**

*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week.

My Story

After losing almost three stone in less than a year, bride-to-be Laura recently said ‘yes to the dress’ ahead of her nuptials in June.

 “I have always battled with my weight. My family used to call me ‘the cereal queen’. When I was in sixth class in school, I remember I had to go into Dunnes to get a summer dress, and I picked up a size 16. I remember a girl in primary school saw me and told the whole class ‘Laura shops in the adult department’.

I also recall in my early teenage years the fashion trend used to be fitted shirts and knee high boots and I remember my poor mother bringing me into M&S and getting me something that half resembled a fitted shirt. But I had to wear runners because the boots wouldn’t zip up. I was never able to meet any guys when I was a teenager. It’s never easy for a young person who is carrying weight. I remember the boys in my year laughing about the way I ran during P.E, saying that I waddled.

When I got into 3rd year of secondary school, the jibes got crueler, and I felt I had to do something about it, so I joined Weight Watchers. I was 14 when I attended my first class. The weight fell off me immediately and I spent years successfully watching what I was eating.

Then just before I had my son Sean I was getting too fond of my food again, and the weight started to creep on. I successfully lost weight before I got pregnant, and actually didn’t put too much extra on while expecting Sean. It was after that I put on a lot. 

Sean was such a difficult baby. He had silent reflux, so he just cried all the time.

Even in all the times of despair with Sean, and the reflux, I got into the car every Thursday and drove to Navan to Linda Barry’s class – as she is the best. You go away from her meetings really determined to carry on for another week. She never judges. And she always keeps it fresh. I learn so much from her and from my fellow members. Everyone gets involved and is so friendly. It’s a lovely atmosphere to be part of.

I had Sean in the August, got engaged in the November, and then in the January, I joined back with Linda. And since going back, I have lost almost 3 stone.

I love my food, but I try to have a good balance. So if I have been good Monday to Friday, I know that on a Saturday night or a Sunday, I can have my treats. What works for me with Weight Watchers is the freedom of being able to have the treats and still lose the weight. My fiancé Mark has been a great support. I would follow a lot of the Weight Watchers meal recipes and he has been great in the sense that he will eat whatever I am having. So I don’t have to be cooking separate meals.

Every girl always dreams of getting married. It has always been my dream to meet someone, fall madly in love and get married, which I am doing in June of this year. And I always wondered if it did happen what kind of dress I would wear. I said ‘yes to the dress’ last summer. I never thought it would be the kind of dress that I would have been able to wear. My only fear now is that it is going to be too big!

*Results can vary from person to person. 

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