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Gillian Flynn

If I never saw a mirror again, I wouldn’t care, because it’s all about how I feel, and I feel great.
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Lost: 5 stone 2lb*

My Story

“Getting healthy was something I just couldn’t seem to crack, I had thrown in the towel so many times. I never thought that the time would come when I would be holding a WW Gold Card in my hand. That all changed when I decided to go for a job in the Prison Service. I had to be physically and medically fit, and if I carried on the way I was, there was no way I would pass the fitness test.

I always had the information that I needed; when you think about it, it’s simple, you just eat healthy and exercise more, but for some reason I couldn’t put it all together. Having the goal of the job gave me the push I needed. The start was difficult, as there were so many adjustments to make; food, exercise, socialising, it was the encouragement of those around me that really got me through. My Wellness Coach, Jenny has been brilliant, and my mother, has been my number one supporter; she joined WW with me and went on to lose half a stone herself!

Of course, there was weeks where I faltered, but Jenny would simply remind me that I had a choice; to go back to where I was, or to keep going towards goal. It’s so helpful to be reminded every week that you have that choice; it’s totally your decision what you do. Knowing that you’re going to the wellness workshop each week really helps to keep you focused; you’re not just going to be standing on some bathroom scales; that accountability is so important.

I’ve made changes in every way; I eat a lot of ZeroPoint™ foods, so there’s plenty of fresh fruit and veg, eggs, yogurt and fish. I don’t feel deprived as I no longer crave the foods that I used to eat. I hired a personal trainer, Joey Cleary of Performance Driven Fitness, to help me get in shape for the test, and I’ve grown to love keeping fit. I had all this potential that I wasn’t using, but now I’ve been able to access all of it.

Everything has changed for the better; I’m now working in the Prison Service! I always had a fairly happy disposition, but now I really feel it and it’s all the time. If I never saw a mirror again, I wouldn’t care, because it’s all about how I feel, and I feel great. It’s so nice not to have that sense of dread anymore; I was always dreading going out or looking for clothes to fit. Reaching goal weight has given me so much freedom; there are so many things that I just don’t have to worry about now. I have more choices, I can do things quicker, and I enjoy my life more.

The best thing of all for me, is being free of hating my body and enjoying being in tune with it. I understand my body more now, and I know that it requires nourishment and rest in order to function correctly. Now that I’ve regained control, I’m enjoying being me again; learning to understand my body has made me feel victorious.”

Gillian’s Wellness Tip

Bring your own snacks with you when you go out, I always have a banana or some oat cakes in my bag, so if my mealtime happens to be delayed, I know I’m not going to get over-hungry and make unhealthy choices.

*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week.

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