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Audrey Butler

I involve the kids in the menu plans, so each of my daughters chooses a meal for the week ahead and then we all get involved in preparing and cooking it.
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Lost: 2st 7lbs*

My Story

Audrey says:

“My biggest motivation is my three daughters; aged 12, 10 and four years old. I had been around the block more than once, and always had an ‘all or nothing’ attitude, which I quickly realised was unsustainable. I’d join a gym and be full on, but that kind of approach didn’t fit in with my family life and I’d always go back to old habits.

I wanted to be the best I could be for my girls; I didn’t want them seeing me trying for a while and then just going back to how I was. So, after I had my youngest daughter, I decided that I was going to re-join WW, but that this was the last time I would ever re-join because this time I was going to do it right! I approached things slowly; I took every half pound as it came and built it up from there.

My husband and I both work shift hours, and like every other family we have to balance our jobs with school and afterschool activities, so it’s always a bit chaotic, and it’s difficult to remain a step ahead. I was always running out the door without breakfast and rushing around. Now I’ve learned to put myself on the list of important people to look after, and so I always make sure I have time to eat in the morning before I leave.

The key for us was preparation; I know that everyone is busy, but it only takes 10 minutes of planning the night before to figure out what your meals are for the next couple of days, and then you can shop accordingly – I think it’s important to invest that time in yourself. I involve the kids in the menu plans, so each of my daughters chooses a meal for the week ahead and then we all get involved in preparing and cooking it. Then we all sit down together and eat together as a family and we get all the news from school that day.

I had amazing support from everyone at the Wellness Workshop, I’ve met so many lovely friends there; people that I would never cross paths with under normal circumstances have become close friends. My Wellness Coach, Patricia, is inspirational, her support has been invaluable, and I am truly grateful to her and all the other people at the workshop.

It might sound simple, but the best thing for me is being happier. It’s not that I was ever unhappy, but I just feel so much better about myself now that I have things under control and I am eating healthily. Now my daughters have a more patient and easy-going mum! It was important to me that as they grow up they learned about body confidence, as well as being active and eating healthy, and because they’ve seen me doing it, they’ve learned that organically.”

Audrey’s tips for success

  • Mindfulness! Always be aware of what you’re eating, and make sure to track everything.
  • Be open to the support from your Coach and those in the workshop, you will find amazing help there.
*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week.

A healthier, happier you starts here

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