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Amy O’Riordan

In the year of caring for my love, I gained a LOT of weight. I reached my original goal in 2008, losing three stone to get there



Lost: 7st 4lbs / 46kg**

*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week.

My Story

In 2011, in my first year of blissful marriage; my handsome, healthy, witty, strong husband became very ill. My rock, my love, my best friend. He was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which was at a borderline Stage 4.

My world could have crumbled, but together, with the strength given to us by our faithful Lord and the support of our families and friends, we muddled our way through a blur of scans, biopsies, chemotherapy, surgery, drips, morphine and lots of other medical words that still make my skin crawl. I watched my amazing husband make it onto the dreaded critical list in November 2011 and then slowly regain his strength in the months to follow. After a testing, tear-filled few months, my warrior reached complete remission and was told he was cancer free. Since then he has gone from strength to strength and is now the picture of health – health being the key word.

Everything that happened to my beloved made me realise our life really is so precious. We don’t know what is right around the corner or what battles we might face. So why waste time with excuses…”I’ll do something proactive about my weight tomorrow, I don’t feel like it today.”….”I’ll go for that walk tomorrow, I’m too tired today.”

In the year of caring for my love, I gained a LOT of weight. I reached my original goal in 2008, losing three stone to get there, but due to lack of attending regular classes, bad habits sneaking back in and then Andrew becoming ill, I lost the complete run of myself. During Andrew’s stay in hospital my diet consisted of Coke, chocolate and muffins from the little shop on his ward, as I rarely left his side. He was my priority and my weight escalated.

I beat myself up for months, but did nothing about it, other than continue to comfort eat. And then it clicked. Please God, one day we will have a family. I want to be here to watch them grow up. I want to be able to go for walks and not get out of breath. I want to feel like I am living each day with my miracle husband to the fullest and not look back and regret a thing.

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