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Lose 10lb in 8 weeks
to get 4 free workshops

Here's how it works:

To opt in to the lose 10lbs challenge in 8 weeks:

Attend any WW wellness workshop between 18th February and Saturday 2nd March.

Lose 10lbs in 8 consecutive weeks following WWFreestyle™ programme, pay and stay for the workshop talk each week.


  1. Check-in and weigh-in each week using your WW smartcard. Temporary cards will not work with this offer.
  2. Present your Success Story booklet for stamping each week having stayed for the workshop talk. If you can’t stay for the talk at your workshop you can attend a talk at another workshop in the same week (Mon – Sat) to get your Success Story booklet stamped to remain eligible for the offer reward.
  3. On attendance between February 18th – Mar 3rd, using your Success Story booklet, the WW Coach will record your weight and 10lb goal.
  4. On attendance from February 25th / March 4th you will collect the first stamp on your Success Story booklet and the Coach will record your first weight loss for the promotion.
  5. On each attendance for seven more consecutive weeks, present the booklet for weigh-in at the wellness check in and for stamping having stayed for the workshop talk. Members may attend different workshops as suits their weekly schedule.

The offer is open to paying gold members who lose 10lbs in 8 consecutive paid weeks following WWFreestyle™.

Only one claim per person and the offer is non-transferable. 

Qualifying members will have:

  • Earned 8 stamps on their Success Story booklet.
  • Followed WWFreestyle™ programme. 
  • Have lost a minimum of 10lbs, paid and stayed for the workshop talk for 8 consecutive weeks.
  • Given the completed Success Story booklet to their Coach with your name and smartcard membership number written on it.

To claim your FREE workshop vouchers:

  • Give your completed booklet to your Coach.
  • The Coach will submit your claim to head office for verification.
  • On successful validation 4 free workshop vouchers will be sent to your Coach within 2 weeks.
  • You collect your free vouchers from the same Coach.
  • The 4 free vouchers are valid for 6 weeks as dated.
  • Offer is subject to availability. 
  • WW reserve the right to change, amend or cancel this offer at any time.
  • All claims must be submitted to the Coach on completion week between April 15th to April 27th.
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