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How to Signup & Renew WW Digital

How to sign up and renew your WW digital account

WW Digital access is a web based application.

How to signup using your 7 day code

Step 1: www.ww.com/uk

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Activate Digital + Studio.  

Step 3: Enter your Activation Code in the format the boxes appear & click “Continue to Sign Up”.

Step 4: Select “Continue” with the 1 plan listed on the page.

Step 5: Fill out the Registration Page & click “Add Payment Details”. Write down your login details for future use.

Step 6: Fill out the Payment Page & select “Ireland” for County. The Postcode field should disappear, then click on “Review Order”. You will not need to give bank/credit card details as the service is provided free of charge.

Step 7: Review your transaction & create your account and input your personal profile information.

How to renew your WW Digital Account

Step 1: Go to www.ww.com/uk/ & click “Login”

Step 2: Enter your Username & Password for your WW UK Online Account.

Step 3: Click on Account & select “Settings”.

Step 4: Scroll down until you see “Account status, billing & membership info”.

Step 5: Enter your WW UK Online Account password & click “Unlock”.

Step 6: Click on “Plan information” & select “Apply promo access code”.

Step 7: Enter your new Activation Code & click “Continue to Sign Up”.

Step 8: Select “Continue” with the 1 plan listed on the page.

Step 9: Click on “Subscribe & Pay”.

Step 10: Review your transaction & complete the renewal.

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